Rules and regulations


Acrobatic courses at height are a recreational type of activity allowing the participant to walk high up in an autonomous and more or less acrobatic way, on and between trees or other natural and other supports. The course consists of several stages spread over several circuits distinguished by colour codes.

The supplied package includes:

  • The supply and the implementation of the participants’ individual protection equipment (IPE)
  • Description of the activity including instructions on how to use the equipment and general explanations at the beginning of each session
  • Use of a test course for user validation by an operator
  • The supervision, the possible advice and / or the help needed during the session.

 In case of bad weather conditions

 (Wind gusts, thunderstorm with risk of lightning, rise in waterlevels…). The management reserves the right to temporarily or permanently evacuate the circuits for your own safety.

No refund will be made after 1 hour of activity


  • The access to the installations is forbidden to the public outside opening hours

 Conditions of access to the site (applicable to every person present on the site)

  • To have signed, beforehand, a civil liability insurance
  • Show vigilance and caution, both towards falling objects and towards the ground and the surrounding vegetation. (we remind you that the PAH is located in a wooded environment)
  • Do not run on the paths
  • Respect the environment (no picking plants, flowers etc. or leaving any objects on the ground.
  • Do not smoke or light a fire
  • Respect the signs, do not disturb the participants by walking or stopping anywhere near the activities and zip wires ending on the ground.
  • Respect the ground markings and paths

 Adopt a responsible and cautious behavior at all times

 Suitable clothing is strongly recommended to take part in the outdoors activities. Remove any personal item or object susceptible of falling

The management reserves the right to refuse access to the park and to the installations to any person considered not to properly fulfill the conditions presented in the regulations.

Conditions to take part in the activity:

-Participants must be in good health and have no physical or psychological disorders. The activity is prohibited to anybody who has consumed alcohol or any other substance that may alter ones capabilities.

-Have paid for a right of access

Participants must have attended the explanations at the beginning of the session and completed the test circuit successfully, which must be validated by an operator: this is a compulsory condition before being able to access the activities.

Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at registration. This adult must be present on the site for the duration of the activity.

-Children less than 6 years old are the sole responsibility of their parents: they must have their children constantly at hand on Loulous and Pitchouns circuits.

-The Pitchouns’ circuit is exclusively for children between 4 and 8 years old and must be within reach of an adult. It is strictly forbidden to climb on the installations without equipment.

-Children less than 12 years old must be accompanied necessarily on the circuits by an adult or a responsible practitioner on course.

-All participants must respect all the instructions.

-Participants must read and understand the displayed documents.

-Follow and respect the instructions at the individual activities including specific progression instructions and specific safety instructions.

-Respect the number of people authorized any one time on each activity and on each platform

-It is forbidden to smoke, use a mobile phone during the activities.



  • Each client is equipped – by us – with safety equipment provided by us and checked before each departure. All equipment removed and / or given in must be controlled by an operator. The use of equipment other than that provided by the operator is not allowed.
  • Don’t keep any object that may fall.
  • All safety instructions you are consistently set before practice of the activity. Monitoring of these instructions is mandatory in all circumstances.
  • Any person, who, at the end of the safety explanations, does not feel physically or mentally able to independently and correctly handle the manipulations necessary to evolve throughout the different stages, must not proceed with the activity.
  • This also goes for any person who failed to successfully complete the test circuit.
  • Permanent and continuous auto belay is mandatory (life lines, safety loops, or any other specified item).
  • It is strictly forbidden to interrupt and / or leave a circuit without the permission and assistance of an operator.
  • In case of problem, warn an operator by any method practical
  • It is strictly forbidden to go into the water for the duration of the activity. This site is in no way a fitted swimming site. Swimming is therefore prohibited.

Pedestrians, visitors and accompanying persons authorized to run in the park. They have to be vigilant and cautious (falling objects, vegetation …).

-Respect signalling in force, does not interfere with practitioners in moving or parked nearby workshops and zip lines reaching the ground.

-The ground markings and pathways should be respected that it is forbidden to cross.

– It is forbidden to run inside the park.

-It is forbidden to light fires or smoking.

-It is forbidden to access to installations reserved for activities.

The direction reserves the right

. To exclude any person not respecting the instructions

. Or behaving dangerously towards oneself or others.

. Or being disrespectful towards other people, the facilities or the environment

. To take or to enforce any decision which would seem justified.

 The Organizer company provides no liability for non compliance of the safety instructions or the present procedure rules

At St Michel de Chabrillanoux, The 3th March, 2015

                                                                                                            The management