You will find 7 courses.

The Loulous course

From 2 years old, this course doesn’t require a special equipment, just an helmet. Kids needs to be always within easy reach.

A surprise is offered for each Loulou.

Pitchouns course

From 4 years old and 1m height.
This circuit at 1m/1.50m height from the ground is equiped with a continuous life line which gives to the little adventurers their first sensations between the trees. An adult has to be present with the child from the ground.

Lou Pisadou course

From 8 years old, over 1.35m.

This second green course is more impressive, you will cross the river severals times thanks to bridges or ziplines.

Castagnou course

From 8 years old, over 1.35.
You will cross the river several times on bridges, ziplines, etc… This green course in more impressives than the other greens.

Rocaillou course

This circuit created in 2013, is 100% on rocks: a via ferrata into an adventure park! For rocks lovers!

Artisou course

From 10 years old, over 1.40m and 35kg.

This course will reach you to a giant zipline of 250m long. All your efforts will be rewarded!

Foudjou course

New version 2016 !
From 12 years old and 1.40m height and 40kg.
This circuit radically changes: independent, more activities, higher with a vertical pass in via ferrata and a 100m zipline, you will finish this circuit with a giant zipline of 300m above the river for a maximum of sensations..

This activity above the river require some safety rules to respect. Down there, you can read some of them:

I must be attached all the time to a life line. This life line is the red line. I must follow it from the beginning to the end of my course. I don’t take off my carabiners ever never. I move always one by one carabiner. I respect the mawimum number of persons allowed:
– 2 pers. per game
– 2 pers. per platform
– 1 pers. per ladder
– 1 pers. per zipline