Welcome everyone in this special page, you’ll find, we hope so, all the information you need to know about Aquarock Aventure park.

Opening times
From april to june,  the park is open from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm. During luly and august : everyday. If you need more precision, let read Prices page
Can i try all the courses?
Yes, all the courses are included in your entrance ticket (age and minimum size required).
How many courses are there ?
7 : 3 green circuits, 1 blue and 1 red circuits. Add the Loulou’s circuit to children from 2 years old where the child doesn’t need any equipment except a helmet, more Pitchoun’s circuit from 4 years old. An adult has to be present from the ground to supervise the child.
Kids needs a special care??
Yes, under 12’s must be accompanied by a participating adult on the courses. Above 12 years old, an adult needs to present in the park.
Is it a guided activity?
No, you’ll evolve on your own. You must follow a safety briefing before you  start and then you’ll be under your own responsibility. That’s why you’ll sign a contract where all the rules are precised. It’s mentioned that:

    • Fully trained instructors give all participants initial instructions on our training course. This includes familiarisation with the safety harness and ancillary equipment as well as how to attach oneself to the safety wires of the ropes course. This is compulsory even if you’ve done it before.
    • All participants should start by the easiest course to progress then to the hardest one until your level of fitness and strength is over.
      Every course has a special process for zipplining or life line color.
    • Kids evolves under their parents or accompanists responsibility. an adult must pay attention to their kids from the ground or on the trees.
    • Safety operator would be there to help you in case.
How long does it take?
You need more or less 2 hours. But you can enjoy yourself during 3 hours. Afterwards, you must give us back your equipment.
Ex : if you book for 1pm, you can enjoy it from 1pm to 4pm.
Caution, during this time, we devote 30 min to equip you and to give you initial instruction.
How long does it take for one course ?
Most of the time, participant needs 30 min per course
Do i need a booking?
YES, call us (+33 (0)6 81 15 96 98) as soon as possible. You must be at the welcome chalet 15 minutes before your appointment. By the way, we can welcome you and you’ll sign the contract before your initiation.
Which equipment i would have?
Every participant is fitted with a helmet, gloves and a harness. You must wear practical closed footwear and sport clothing. Long hair needs to be attached and self phone put away in your car if you don’t want to fall it in the river.
Who can take part?
To EVERYONE from 2 years old and for people with a weight less than 120kg. The park is not really difficult, everyone will find circuits adapted for his level to enjoy it. We advise you to start with an easy circuit and to change quietly of difficulty. You don’t need to be a high level of sport but be healthy!
How to find us ?
We are in the Eyrieux valley, by the river, between les Ollières sur Eyrieux and Saint Sauveur de Montagut. Large signs in “Le Moulinon” indicate the park. We are 2 km away from the main road.
We are 50 min of Valence, 25 min of Privas, 30 min of Le Cheylard, or 45 min of Lamastre.
And by foot ?
The park is located near a green road “Dolce via”. From Les Ollieres campsites, you can join us in 1 hour.
Can we park a car or a camper-van ?
Yes, the car park is only 200 m from the chalet.
Caution: Long bus must park in Le Moulinon, you’ll need to walk one km then to join us.
What's the price ?
Let read The prices Page
Which way of payment is accepted?
Only by cash, we haven’t got the PIN machine
Is there any food facilities ?
Yes, a snack restaurant proposes a fast and good quality food on the spot! We advise you to book for groups more than 8 persons!
Contact to book La Cabane to +33 (6).
Is it allowed to take a pic-nic ?
Yes, an area on the spot is dedicated for picnic with equipments (tables, trash…).
If the weather is bad?
Thanks to your booking, we’ve got your phone number so we can call you if the weather doesn’t make it safe.
How many people can practice in the same time?
It depends of practicant “profil” (kids, teenagers, retired people…) Contact us and we’ll organize it for you.
The park could be open for a special group even if it's closed ?
Yes, on booking. For more than 11 persons, we can open the park just for you.
Is it allowed to have a swim?
No, we can give you beaches area adresses.